Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Google presents Shaastra Online Programming Contest 2010!

Dear friends, as you know Shaastra OPC, conducted by IIT Madras is one of the best "ONLINE PROGRAMMING CONTEST" of India. This year Google is sponsoring the contest, that means lots of prizes !!!

Please visit Shaastra website to know details and register.

I will strongly recommend to my college friends who enjoy the coding in C/C++, participate in such contest.

For practice you can register yourself on SPOJ one of the best choice of programmers globally.

As you know, me and my friends in JSS, Noida conducted similar contest, ONPC' 09 in C, C++ and JAVA last year, which was was very successful ( more than 250 teams from 11 countries).
I hope my friends in JSS will continue this glory this year!

Go and register, you will definitely enjoy the contest, it is a 4-6 hour contest on this Sunday !!!

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